18 January 2008

Splitting Harriet by Tamara Leigh

Splitting Harriet is a humorous book about Harri (as her friends call her). She is a Preachers Kid and rebelled in her youth and is now a reformed person. She is now trying to keep Jelly Belly habit under control and a few other quirky habits.
She is working part time in a diner she hopes to own one day and part time as the Women's ministry director and living in a seniors park.

Enter the new hotshot consultant Maddox McCray who's been hired to revitalize there dying church. Change is hard for Harri as she's scared of the old Harri and has trouble forgiving herself.

I loved the way Tamara portrayed Harri and Maddox and I admit at times I wanted to knock some sense into Harri but this adds to the story.
Learning to forgive also is a lesson to be taken out of this book.
This is well worth reading if you are looking for a good chick lit with lots of humour.

I give Splitting Harriet 4 and a half stars


M. C. Pearson said...

Okay, your link is up on FIRST finally! Horrah!

Tamara Leigh said...

Thanks bunches for the review! I'm so pleased you enjoyed Harri's story. And your site looks fantastic. Happy blogging and reviewing!

PennyPonders said...

I just purchased this book yesterday. I'll be devouring it shortly!


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