2 December 2007

Welcome to my first post

Hi I thought i would give this a try and post some book info on here.
Please bear with me as i learn what im doing.
I have been visiting many blogs and thought i would join in the action.
Till next time.


Tricia Goyer said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!

Page McManus said...

Yes, Jenny, my contest is open to Aussies, if I can figure out how to get it to you!

I need your email address though. You can send it to page.mcmanus@yahoo.com.

Thanks for entering and welcome to our world!

Camy Tang said...

Hey there! I tagged you!

I've Been Carded meme


Ausjenny said...

Thanks for commenting. I am going to work this out but it may take a bit.

Naomi said...

Oooh exciting now I can read your blog too.

Rel said...

Hey Jenny - you didn't tell me!!! Great to see you taking up blogging and reviewing :)

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