27 December 2007

My Christmas Wish list

I did get 2 of the things on my list, Mum gave me Sushi for One and my friend gave me Mike Hussy's Book Mr Cricket
and he autographed it too.
"to Jenny all the best Mike Hussy"
Isn't that so cool.
(ok I know most of you are not cricket "fanatics"!)
But I think its so cool.
I was also given money so Koorongs sale here I come.
I got a lovely cat they meows merry Christmas
and to day in the post 3 wooly sheep. they are so cool.

I guess you know what I will be doing in the next month!
I am reading Colonial Christmas, and I have about 5 other Christmas books to read
then it will be Sushi for one, Mr Cricket, Splitting Harriet and the last of Donna Fleshier's Books. I have 2 trips to Adelaide coming up so a couple will come with me.

I hope you all had a very happy christmas.
Oh I think im seeing Miss Saigon the end of January.

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